Thursday, June 15, 2006

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology + Strategy Guide Review

So, I picked up Street Fighter Alpha Anthology yesterday. I've already played through all the games and unlocked all the extras. I have to say, Capcom has done quite an amazing thing with this game.

First off, you have arcade perfect ports of all the Street Fighter Alpha games, plus Alpha 2 Gold (I believe this is some sort of updated special US release of SFA2? I'm not sure), and Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, a cute little fighter featuring characters from various Capcom fighters. All the games come equipped with little survival and training modes, and an array of options, including the option to mess with any of the arcade dipswitches! They have special dipswitch settings to make the game play in accordance to certain arcade revisions, too. All in all, quite amazing.

As for unlockables, you can unlock Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (The Dreamcast version - changes certain gameplay features and has new characters, like Guile, T. Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay, and Evil Ryu). This is nice to have for completion's sake, though I imagine most people that are serious about the game will play the original Alpha 3. I know that my friends who are less into fighters, however, would better appreciate having the new characters. It works out quite well.

The last unlockable is a special game called Hyper Street Fighter Alpha, which allows you to play any character from any Alpha game, with the characteristics of any version of SFAlpha. Also, if you choose Alpha3 style, you get even more options, like the option to have a Street Fighter 3 fighting style, Marvel series fighting style, Street Fighter 2, and Darkstalkers. All in all, QUITE an impressive unlockable to have.

So basically, we got pretty much everything you could ask for: Arcade Perfect ports of all the Alpha games (This release marks the very first Arcade Perfect port of SFA3, as opposed to SFA3Upper, which people don't play in tourneys), as well as an added Gem Fighter game for kicks, A3Upper for those who enjoy the game casually, and the uber bonus of having Hyper SFA, probably the most impressive unlockable feature I've ever seen in a fighting game.

That being said, there's not really much that could be done to improve on the game. There's only a few things I could think of that would possibly make it better:

1. Allow a Counter Hit option in the Training Modes (Maybe there is one? I'll keep looking dilligently).

2. A 3-Player Dramatic Battle Mode in A3Upper. Some of the most fun times I've ever had screwing around in fighting games was when me and two other friends played "Bitch" on the Dreamcast A3. Trying to play as Dan and beat your two friends who are using Guile and Charlie is something that you just have to experience to realize how hysterically funny it is. I suppose it's not a huge deal though, since I HAVE the Dreamcast A3, but still...

3. If, perhaps in Hyper SFA, you could use the extra characters added into the handheld A3 games (Eagle, Yun, Maki, Ingrid). But, that's really icing on the cake; it's not a huge deal.

Also, if you buy it at Gamestop, you can get 20% off on the guide. Now, even if you're a veteran player, I would reccomend you buy this for various reasons:

1. Street Fighter Alpha 3 in particular is a very complicated game, and this game has lots of basic info explained very well; it's a great starting point if you want to get into the game, casually or seriously.

2. If you're already good at the Alpha games, it's really nice to show your friends, at least...

3. It was written by Kamui and Dr. Deelite, members of the boards at Basically, it was written by a fellow member of the fighting game community, and, as Derek Daniels so eloquently put it, "If it wasn't for people like him writing these guides you would get 15 pages of how to do dragon punch after you throw a fireball as a pro tip." So, for the love of god, get the guide. It's really good.

All in all, this is a step in the right direction for Fighting games. If you like fighters, go buy this game. If you play them casually, buy it; if you play them seriously; buy it. It's got something for pretty much everyone! Crazy extras, tons of games, and best of all, Arcade Perfect ports of Alpha2 and Alpha3, two of the more popular fighting games around. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before SFA3 sees a major tourney revival. If you want to see a new fighter, or more quality products from Capcom, place your vote by buying this game. It shows Capcom you're interested. Have a nice day.


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